Examples of Projects Implemented and Maintained by DPA Software

mSecure Android app (coming soon)
- Android version of the Password manager app by mSeven Software LLC, The iPhone version of mSecure is the #1 password manager in the iPhone store.

mPassGen Android app
- Free Password generator that is part of mSecure used to make users aware of mSecure.
PumpServiceNetwork.com - A service-parts commerce web site designed to enable online ordering of Pump parts online. Customers can login into the site and the shopping cart will display customize pricing for all transactions. The site also includes pricing wizards for pump design applications.
TQMS-Continuous Improvement Software (CIS) - An online Paperless ISO 9000 tracking system for all industries including Non-conformance, Customer Complaint and Action Request classification of defects in accordance with the warehousing and food safety industry requirements. This CIS Database system pioneered by TQMS of Canada is a state-of-the-art database tracking system that includes a automatic email notification and charting package to track the cost and occurrences of quality problems per month in their business (TQMS.com). Technology: ASP.NET ,MS SQL Server.
HIT-Builder.com - A complete browser-based interface used to set up Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for Amazon's Mechanical Turk web service. The HIT Builder was designed so that Requesters (that's you) could build Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for Amazon's Mechanical Turk without writing a single line of code! The easy-to-use HIT builder supports the building of HITs using a Wizard or Pro interface in your IE browser. The HIT Builder also supports the import of Database and Spreadsheet data to setup high volume applications. Once HITs have been submitted to the Mechanical Turk, the HIT Manager tab enables the Requester to review the state of any HIT assignment. Once the HITs have been processed by the workers using the Mechanical Turk, the Requester can review the results as a tabular data, graphed data or the requester can export the answers to a spread sheet. Technology: ASP.NET, web service connected to Amazon's Mechanical Turk, MS SQL Server.
Content Management System (CMS) web sites - We have an extensive library of content management tools that we have compiled into our CMS. We use this as a foundation of many web sites: SecurityInsAgency.com, BegginBeagleBakery.comDPA Software.com (this web) and more.
Self-managed Classified Automobile Web Site - The Maine Auto Search web site allows users to search for cars using a search facility much like AutoTraders.com. The site allows multiple dealers and car sellers to manage their classified ads on the site. The site also supports a remote search capability where a dealer can add a search facility to his web site remotely, allowing users to search cars listed on the MAS web site without going to the MAS web site. Technology: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server.
Self-managed Sports Program Web Site - Sports program web site where multiple contributors (coaches, photographers, etc.) can edit the content of specific pages if given permission by the Administrator. The web supports a multi-sport calendar, photo blog, password protected pages and a New Feed system. Technology: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server.
Self-managed Printer and Copy Center Web Site - A Printer and Copy Center web site that enables customers to upload print and copy jobs to the web site. Once the job is uploaded, emails are sent out to the customer and job manager. A Job management page tracks the job to completion. The web site also supports a description and quotation system as well. Technology: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server.
Audit Management System - A system used to manage the activities of ISO-Certified auditors. The system is a repository of audit documents and specialize audit scheduling to ensure auditors perform all ISO-9001 required audits. Technology: ASP.NET , MS SQL Server.
Membership Database Viewer - The membership viewer allows the consumers to view Chamber of Commerce member contact info from a MS Access Database on any web site. Technology: ASP, FTP, MS SQL Server.

Previous Projects:

BidMyWay.com - A service bidding web site implemented in PHP and MySQL that enables Requester of Services to post projects on the site and bidders to bid on projects. The site supports extensive forum chat between the requester and bidder along with email notifications of new project to bid on. The site is still in the refining stage as market feedback is considered and implemented.

SplashBlog.com - A state-of-the-art photo blogging web site and an XML web service, written by DPA Software, that operates in conjunction with a PDA / Smart Phone application developed by SplashData of Washington. The SplashBlog PDA application communicates with the Splashblog web service to create user accounts and upload images. The splashblog web site allows any internet user to view the user's photo blog and enables the owner of the blog to set the style of the blog, upload images from his desktop computer and manage his subscription to the web service. The SplashBlog web site was implemented in ASP.NET and includes an extensive Customer relations area that supports site stats, the sending of emails to customers, user account management, subscription processing and email template management. Technology: ASP.NET, Web Service connecting to various PDAs and Smart phones , MS SQL Server. Splashblog.com was purchased by SixApart and retooled into a yet-to-be-named product.

Paperless Auditing System - The PAS system consists of a web site and PDA unit and software that enables auditors to create and edit XML templates online for deployment on a PDA device, use the audit template to make an audit document on the PDA and then upload the document to the PAS web site for viewing, further editing or conversion to a printable document. The PAS online web site supports user logins that enable the auditor to create, edit, store, upload, audit templates to the PDA and transmit audit documents to the web server. It also allows client and certification bodies the ability to view the document securely if so desired. Technology: ASP.NET, PocketPC software system with support for the PDA camera, Web service connection to PDA, MS SQL Server.

Quest Learning System Web Site - A Socratic Dialog Learning system that enables a teacher and students to interact with each other in a online or offline dialog. The Quest supports the authoring of Quest dialog courseware and real-time and offline learning scenarios. The software is available as a web site at PinnacleCourse.com and will be completed later this year. Technology: ASP.NET, MS SQL Server.

FrontLook.com commerce web site - the FrontLook.com web site with the following set of features developed using a combination of FrontPage, SQL Server, Java Script, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET and PHP. Technology: ASP, FTP, MS SQL Server.
    FrontLook Line of Products - Development of over 18 FrontPage add-ins sold at the FrontLook.com web site using Java Script, Visual Basic, C++, Install Shield, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET and PHP. Technology: C++, VB, FLEX, FP Add-ins.
    Intellihance - Development of Macintosh and Windows version of the Intellihance plug-in for Adobe Photoshop product, an automated image processing system, using C/ C++. Technology: C++, VB, Photoshop Plug-ins, Image Processing.

    Web Site and Print Graphics Design - Our graphics designers can design custom web site and print graphics including logos, brochures and style sheets (see our FrontLook templates). Technology: CSS, Flash, FrontPage, JavaScript, Java.